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Axel Mundi Music & Press: Axel writes

Axel's Gita opus is here - July 18, 2009

I have released my album Bhagavad Symphony for sale on the website. The Bhagavad Gita is the bedrock of my personal path and I decided to do an album inspired by it. I took some of the key passages that I think sum up the message and worked them into lyric form for several of the songs. The album is long--over 60 minutes--and features the Axel Mundi Horn Section as well as some further forays into psychedelic sound.

New album! Waveform - June 8, 2009

Waveform is here. I am breaking through into new territory with this music. The sound is becoming more 'close to the gut'. Some of it is downright hallucinatory, or perhaps the word should be revelatory. Some is quite commercial (ha!). I even brought in the Axel Mundi Horn Section for one track.

New album Variations On A Drone - March 30, 2009

Starting with a simulated bagpipe drone, this music takes an old dirge far into spaces both inner and outer. Each song uses the same bagpipe drone but each time altered into something weirder than the last. Each piece draws inspiration not only from the grace in question, but also from a particular school of psychedelia or a musical hero of mine. All this and singing, too.

New album: Gnosis - January 5, 2009

The new record is a bit more introspective, with more touches of jazz-rock fusion and even classical. Even so, the psychedelic crusade continues, the mind-expanding goes "Further", as we discreetly observe the inner journey of the seeker we've been with for the last two albums.

Dick Elliott, friend - December 4, 2008

Richard C. Elliott, artist and co-owner of Dick & Jane's Spot in Ellensburg, Washington, died November 19. Peggy and I met Dick and his wife, the artist Jane Orleman, one day in--was it?--1986. We were stopping in Ellensburg for gas on the way to somewhere else, when Peggy spotted some reflector-covered bicycle wheels on poles and spinning in the breeze, a block or so off the main drag. "Go around the block," she said. "I have to see what that is." We spent about an hour walking around the house on the corner of 1st and Pearl, Peggy taking pictures until she ran out of film and we went, got more film, and came back. Presently, Jane came out of the house to where we were standing by the guestbook alcove and said, "When someone spends this much time looking, we invite them in." We were priveleged to see the inner art yards and became their friends. We visited them whenever we were going east from Seattle. Then, while studying music theory in Seattle, I decided to write a piece in thanks for my personal experiences at their place. I recruited some music students from the local university and Dick and Jane had a party for me to perform the piece at their house.

Dick Elliott always encouraged me in my art. He and Jane were good to Peggy and me, and I have some of each of their art in my house--as now, they have a little of each of ours in theirs. I will miss seeing Dick when I go to the Spot.

Camp Meeting released - November 1, 2008

The new CD is available now. This "concept" album takes a look at Brother Axel's religious past, present, and future. It continues the psychedelic voyage begun with Kali & Shiva and leads directly towards the last in the trilogy, Gnosis, which is in the works now.

Dick & Jane's Spot - October 20, 2008

While awaiting the cover art for Camp Meeting and in the midst of work on a new album project, I took time to record and produce a new version of my 1989 composition, Dick & Jane's Spot, which was written as a gift to my friends the artists from Ellensburg and their art house, and only performed once, there at their home in 1989. (See "Site exchange" page for their website.) This 14-minute piece will be available as a short CD here at exclusively, and at a special price. I am pleased to have a definitive edition of this chamber music piece to give to Dick and Jane.

Camp Meeting - September 1, 2008

My next album deals with everyone's favorite subject (no, not that one): religion. More specifically, the Church in America. Great topic for rock music, eh? The recording is in the final stages of mixing. As usual, I think it is my best work. But then, "we will sell no wine before its time". (Don't ask me; ask Gallo.)

The quiet side of Axel - August 21, 2008

The new Music For Yoga is out. It may be the only thing I do that I don't mind calling background music! But I love it.

We release old DFW material - August 21, 2008

All you Diamond Fist Werny fans will want to look at the new album we've just released of early songs by the band. Taken mostly from demo tapes, these tracks show the young DFW developing the style that made them so popular in the Seattle club scene despite their non-Grunge attitude.

Two new albums out - June 28, 2008

Kali And Shiva Give A Party and On, Babylon are both ready. These albums will define psychedelic. Run don't walk to the For Sale page! (And thanks for your support of independent music.)

Album Update - June 23, 2008

Well, all you fans out there, I've decided to change my approach to the On, Babylon album. I am adding a "side 2" with a single longer piece so as to make the CD more of a full-length effort. This added number has a strong nod to my heroes Robert Fripp and Brian Eno, not to mention Kraftwerk, who I just mentioned.

Hey, if you haven't bought anything yet, or if you have, you must hear this album, and Kali And Shiva Give A Party as well.

On, Babylon album coming - June 9, 2008

I am doing a short album of strange songs derived from the Babylon Theatre archives. It will have a special price, but the songs are priceless! Guest vocalists from beyond the fringe (or the pale even).

Downloads available! - June 9, 2008

Poems and Escalator are now on iTunes and other digital services.

A new album is almost ready. - May 28, 2008

It's called Kali & Shiva Give A Party. The recording is done, the package is in the works.

New Outlet: - May 26, 2008

We have a new promoter: IndieRhythm. Please investigate their site. They are selling In Through The Down Escalator now.

"Escalator" Moving! - May 9, 2008

The second new album, In Through The Down Escalator, is ready to ship. Available now at CD Baby, or get it here! Thanks for supporting my original music.

"Your Favorite Poems" Release - May 1, 2008

Slim Axel Mundi Recites Your Favorite Poems is now available. You can buy it direct from us at the "For sale" page, and you can get it at CD Baby. Buy early and often! Help me recoup my investment in this new enterprise of Axel Mundi Music. Two more albums are soon to be ready: In Through The Down Escalator, and Songs For Peggy.
Great stuff.

We support environmentalists - April 25, 2008

We will donate 5% of net sales to Greenpeace and/or other environmental activists of our choosing, e.g.,
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance .
Please check the "For sale" page to buy CDs.
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