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The latest releases from Axel Mundi Music

Hear some music from these and many other albums at Audio samples; and purchase a CD at Things to buy. Prefer mp3 downloads? Go to CDBaby or your favorite download site.

Axel's new set:

Variations on a Theme in C Minor

Variations cover_resized

Eleven new pieces, eleven new definitions of psychedelic.

Thirty minutes of music.

Website special: $10.00 plus shipping


Live In Seattle

Diamond Fist Werny


DFW album cover_resized



Almost 20 years after Seattle band Diamond Fist Werny stopped performing, this new collection of live cuts selected from shows at several Seattle area clubs will be welcomed by fans who made DFW one of the biggest attractions in the Northwest during the 1990s, when Seattle was the music capital of the world.

Website special : $18.50



 Journey to Oaxaca

Axel Mundi with Plastic Rubber Band


Oaxaca cover w border_resized




After returning from a trip to Mexico, Axel recruited Plastic Rubber Band to help him create this set of abstract but rocking songs about his time there.


And check this!

Plastic Rubber Band  

Kansas Is

album cover





Plastic Rubber Band was formed in 2013 by Houston, Kansas native Michelin Rubber and Texas transplant Robbie Martinez. Selecting bassist Carole Kling and drummer Jason Blayed from the pool of local musicians, they developed a psychedelic sound and quickly became notorious for their unusual vocals and quirky lyrics. Their first album was produced by Axel Mundi, and the chemistry between him and the group was so strong that they asked him to help again with the new set. A hands-on producer, Axel once again contributed playing and singing.




What is the meaning of this?
Who is Axel Mundi?

(you can email him at

At the beginning of 2008, Axel Mundi began a new phase of his life. After playing in the Seattle band Diamond Fist Werny through the 1990s, followed by a period of personal crises and rebirth, Axel created a new sound in his home studio in Bremerton, Washington, and began composing and recording albums of music which he dubbed the new psychedelia. Since then over 30 albums have been released under the name Axel Mundi, and also several side projects (including a revival of legendary 80s chamber group The West Edge Trio. and the first two albums from the young progressive rock quartet Plastic Rubber Band). In 2016 he moved to Hurricane, Utah, where he continues his work. Besides Axel's music, he is the author of several books. Most of his music and books can be purchased here in hard copies, or on the Web via Amazon, iTunes, and many other digital download services.

Axel says this about himself:

"I grew up in the 1960s in Southern California, Texas, and Utah, playing clarinet in school while listening to the Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Jethro Tull, Bob Dylan, Iron Butterfly, Cream, Procol Harum, Deep Purple, Donovan, Frank Zappa, and every other person or group that was played on FM Radio. In those days, that meant ANYTHING.

"When I began playing bass clarinet in my late 30s, in Seattle, it was for the purpose of putting myself and other people into a trance. Because of this activity I became a founder of the trance-rock trio Diamond Fist Werny, which flourished in Seattle during the Grunge years, the 1990s. Yes, I amplified my bass clarinet and put it through effects. We played loud.

"After that ended I put the clarinets away and started making my own version of progressive rock with a Yamaha keyboard and a Tascam 8-track digital Porta-Studio. It became my intention to compose and record psychedelic music according to my definition of the term. This meant, and still means: progressive, fusion, folk, acid, jazz, acid jazz, vocal, instrumental, 60s-inspired music.

"I believe that all music is psychedelic in the sense that it has the potential to expand the listener's awareness. For me every album is a new beginning, where I try to do something that has never been done, or to do better what I have done before. My constant goal: better psychedelic music."


To read more about Axel, go to the page: A bit about me.


Please explore the website: Listen to some music, watch some videos, and perhaps buy a CD or book.











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