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This is Axel Mundi Music.

AMM exists only for the purpose of recording and releasing music by Axel Mundi (me) and one or two groups I have devised under other names. There is a great deal of illusion in all this, and only those who are paying attention may see through it. The music created here might be called Progressive for the 21st Century. I call it Psychedelic, and I define psychedelic music as "music which produces mental experiences of heightened awareness--both sensory and interior." In other words, mind-altering. It is all born from the rock music of the 1960s in America and Europe, but it is what I hear now. And so, to be precise,      I call it 

           Psychedelic Rock For A New Era.

                        (It's only a slogan.)


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Requiem in F minor

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In the 1960s, some tripped out bands, like Electric Prunes, tried to do 'sacred music' by incorporating orchestral instruments. This is not like that. It is the usual Axel Mundi audio madness, with some different kind of lyrics. But it is about a half hour of good music, and if it converts anybody, it will be to Axel Mundi music.


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Desert Trailer

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Axel says this is the culmination of his personal musical quest: 7 songs in which he at last lets his voice and lyrics come to the fore, along with one instrumental opening that might well be titled "Thus Spoke Axel".  

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